Blueberry by Jam Monster Eliquid 100ml


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Blueberry by Jam Monster Eliquid 100ml

Blueberry by Jam Monster Eliquid is the delectable classic breakfast flavor of fresh blueberry jam slathered on a piece of warm buttered toast. Jam Monster’s Blueberry Jam eliquid delivers a sweet handpicked blueberry jam during the inhale with a smooth and savory buttery toast during the exhale. Vape Blueberry Jam ejuice for a delicious blend of fresh fruity blueberry with a kick of buttered toast for a breakfast eliquid that will wow your taste buds!

There really is just nothing quite like a warm and crunchy piece of toast topped with creamy melted butter and sweet blueberry jam. Blueberry Jam’s ejuice has a classic flavor combination that provides instant satisfaction on days when you are craving something a little comforting to lift your spirits. Jam Monster E Liquids, the vape juice company known for its incredibly authentic jam-inspired flavors, has combined the iconic taste of buttered toast with blueberry jam by creating Blueberry by Jam Monster. Just by untwisting the bottle’s cap, you will be hit with a sense of nostalgia as the comforting aroma of butter, toast and blueberry jam fill the air.

Jam Monster Liquids has nailed yet another classic comfort food flavor combination by blending sweet and sugary blueberry jam with creamy, fresh butter and toasted bread flavor that tastes like it just came out of the toaster. One inhale of the layered Blueberry Jam vape juice and your taste buds will feel satisfied and comforted immediately. When you inhale Blueberry Jam Ejuice by Jam Monster, the sugary and slightly tart notes of freshly-picked, juicy blueberries will make your taste buds dance. As the vapor sits on the tongue, you will begin to pick up on notes of creamy and rich butter that smooths out the sweetness of the blueberries. On the exhale, the very distinctive taste of toasted fresh bread will carry the other flavors to create a blend of tastes that hits every spot on your palate.

This fantastic Blueberry by Jam Monster comes in a sophisticated chubby gorilla 100ml squeeze bottle for easy pouring. The clever imagery on the label also appears on the box in which the e-liquid is delivered. The Jam Monsters Eliquid box itself also prevents oxidization as the e-liquid makes its way to your home. Each bottle of Blueberry by Jam Monster also comes with cotton bacon bits (the 100% tasteless bacon bits are easy to use, plus, it comes in a compressed and resealable package, making it the ideal option for vapers who are on the go) for extra vaping fun. Jam Monster’s Blueberry vape juice is available in three different nicotine strengths- 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. The 75 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 25 percent propylene glycol (PG) base provide vape enthusiasts with thick and huge vape clouds, a satisfyingly strong throat hit and a perfectly smooth taste.

So, for instances, if you are into flavor chasing or cloud chasing, then this e-juice is a great choice for you to vape with.Blueberry by Jam Monster e-liquid tastes like the real thing because it is made with only the very best flavoring ingredients around. All the ingredients that go into this fine vape juice product are of USP food grade quality. If your go-to-snack is buttered toast topped with fresh blueberry jam, then Blueberry by Jam Monster is going to satisfy your cravings and boost your vaping taste buds unlike anything else. It’s like being in e-juice heaven as this incredible flavor combination is as comforting as it gets. From the first drop to the last drop, you will enjoy this extremely unique

VG/PG: 75/25

Flavor Profile: Blueberry Jam, Toast, Butter 

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