Caramel Apple by Lollidrip 60ml

Caramel Apple by Lollidrip 60ml Review

Who doesn’t love the whimsical, flavorful combination that occurs when you take fresh, ripe and juicy green apples and coat them in sticky and sweet goodness? Caramel Apple by Lollidrip is the ejuice that any sugar-lover needs in their collection. It takes your favorite fruit and dips it into a bath of gooey caramel-like splendor that’s so rich, your sweet tooth will turn inside-out as it experiences shockwaves of intense pleasure. On top of that, both flavors are infused into some candy goodness.

Once the vapor is inhaled, crisp, smooth Granny Smiths hit the spot. Subtle tartness comes next, elating the palate and invigorating all five senses. Then, pure juiciness runs down the throat, just like the real thing. Finally, caramelized sugar sweeps across your mouth, making every single taste bud quiver in a state of pure euphoria as you indulge in that classic lollipop goodness when exhaling.

Caramel Apple vape juice from Lollidrip comes in medium-sized unicorn bottle and has a good cloud chasing blend of 70/30 VG/PG.

Good luck taking just one pull because what we have here is an e liquid that’s also an ADV for anyone who wants to escape from the mundanity in life and savor something so flavorful, it will transform their state of mind.

Package Contents Include: 

VG/PG: 70/30
Flavor Profile: Caramel, Green Apple, Candy

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