Grape By Jam Monster Eliquid 100ml


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Grape By Jam Monster Eliquid 100ml Review

Grape By Jam Monster Eliquid 100ml consists of a buttered piece of toast that is then smothered with sweet and freshly-made grape jam. This is truly a refreshing and mouth-watering morning vape flavor to get your day going.

There is nothing quite like a combination of melted butter and fresh grape jam that is being spread with a knife on slightly crisped toast. No matter if it is for breakfast or even for a mid-day snack, this simple but slightly complex flavor gathering hits the mark. Bursting with real grape jam flavor, grape vape fanatics can now kick-off their vaping day with Grape By Jam Monster Eliquid.

As you begin to inhale Grape By Jam Monster ejuice, the sensation of that grape jam flavor will make your taste buds perk up with joy. Slowly, the sweetness of the grape jam will excite your tongue. As you begin to exhale, the butter and toasted bread flavor combines into the Grape By Jam Monster taste to satisfy your cravings.

Grape By Jam Monster ejuice comes in a 100ml chubby gorilla squeeze bottle for easy pouring. The squeeze bottle arrives in an attractive box and is available in three nicotine levels for you to choose from. With a 75 percent VG and 25 percent PG base, vape enthusiasts can enjoy both a solid throat hit and awesome clouds of vapor.

All Jam Monster Eiquids’ products taste incredibly authentic because of a careful blend of flavoring ingredients that are high in quality.

When it comes to having slightly toasted bread that gets topped and spread around with grape jam and melted butter, you need to treat your vaping palate to Grape Jam ejuice from Jam Monster Eliquids. Grape Jam vape juice really delivers a delicious grape jam flavor experience with each hit.

*Every Grape Jam Monster Ejuice includes a free package of Cotton Bacon Bits*

VG/PG: 75/25
Flavor Profile: Grape Jam, Toast, Butter 

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