Juice Roll Upz Grape 60ml


Juice Roll Upz Grape 60ml tastes just like those rolls of fruity gummy candies that we couldn’t get enough of when we were younger. Using exceptionally high-quality ingredients, every draw delivers juicy grape flavor mixed with notes of yummy candy that will make your sweet tooth jump for joy.

When you inhale , the authentic flavor of juicy purple grapes will explode on your tongue. If you are a grape fanatic, which if you got this far you most likely are, Grape vape juice will give you precisely what you are looking for. On the exhale, sugary candy flavor will make you swear that you are chewing on a piece of grape-flavored gummy candy.

With an 80 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 20 percent propylene glycol (PG) base, Juice Roll Upz Grape vape juice is a must-have for those who dream of gorgeously puffy clouds of vapor.

So, if you have fond memories of chewing on rolls of grape-flavored gummy candy, this is the e liquid that you simply must experience during those hot summer days. The fruity and sugary taste will satisfy you all day long.

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