Sadboy Bloodline Salt – Mango Blood


Sadboy Salts Mango Blood e-juice comes straight from a heart of gold that does nothing but pump out this nectar. Where some people’s veins are a muddied mess, this pure treat offers unadulterated bliss. As clean as the air blowing across the sandy beaches, you won’t find a fresher fruit than this. The mango vape juice offers a euphoric trip that doesn’t throw off your senses with anything other than this bite of nature’s own sweets. As soon as you drift off into the salt nicotine daze, you won’t even remember which island you’re on. Simply doze away as the Sadboy comes after your golden heart for harvest. After all, they can’t keep making more blood without some happy donors. Have sweet dreams from this tropical piece of paradise and don’t ask too many questions about it.

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