Vanilla Chai Tea – Brewed Awakening E Liquid

Sweet, spicy and oh so delicious, this blend is going to drive you up the wall with how much that it tastes like your regular order at your local coffee shop. You are not going to have to get up early, wait in a long line up and have to empty out your entire pocketbook to be able to get yourself a cup of this scrumptious, heartwarming treat. With the cold weather here with a vengeance, having a blend like this around is going to make it so that you can always get a little bit of that cozy comfort that will leave you feeling just as relaxed as you would if you were to throw on an oversized, soft sweater. Everything about this blend just screams all day, everyday enjoyment and if you are the kind of person who loves to have a good, dependable juice around that will keep you happy on even the cloudiest of days, you have definitely found it right here. This is a true classic that will be able to come into use more times than not and keep you feeling fulfilled and craving free no matter how strong your urge to run to your closest cafe may be. Brewed Awakening E Liquid brings a whole lot of comforting, delicious flavor directly to you with their amazing way of bringing so many fan-favorite coffee house flavors to life with their way of accurately representing them with class and elegance. Vanilla Chai Tea takes a perfectly steeped cup of spicy chai tea and then blends in some creamy, premium vanilla and a hint of cinnamon to add a kick that keeps you sharp.

Primary Flavors: Cinnamon, Chai, Tea, Vanilla

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