Watermelon Sours by Kilo Sour Series is the ultimate summers treat! This fruity fusion is an authentic blend of crisp watermelon and a sour candy base. You will wonder how it taste so genuine to those hard candies we all known and love. Now you can indulge in that same flavor with no added guilt, so ditch that stash you are hoarding and save on Watermelon Sours instead! On the inhale a juicy rush of a ripe watermelon flavor will intoxicate your taste buds and provide a refreshing taste. Sugary notes will run across your tongue as they are paired with a tart sour twist as well. This provides a tasty balance of tangy and sweet. Washing down these intense flavors is that candy base on the exhale. With each exhale your sweet tooth will thank you as its cravings have finally been satisfied.